When Geralt of Rivia comes to the small village of Celborne, Kassandra, the innkeeper’s daughter, finds more on her mind than the monsters outside her door.

Mature readers only: 18+
Graphic sexual content and mature language


The white wolf of Rivia, the bard was trying to rename him. He certainly looked like a wolf as his stalked towards me; white hair disheveled and a wild, hungry look in his eyes. Like he’d been starving for days, and I was to be his next meal, and my body tensed. Not from fear, but anticipation. I wanted him to devour me.

His body shadowed mine, pushing me back against the mattress. A chaste kiss landed on my lips before his mouth moved like a brand down my jaw and neck to my chest, leaving a burning trail in its wake. Melting into his hands, I closed my eyes as his tongue flicked across my previously neglected nipple. Sucking in a breath as he lavished it with as much attention as he had the first. 

A cry escaped me as he teeth teased the delicate skin, and I smiled thinking of what I had said to Genson in the stable. If he wanted to bite, so would I.

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