WIP: Flowers in the Snow

To be published, free on Wattpad, later this year. Read the unofficial blurb below, and you can find, Fall into Me, my short story and the inspiration for this stand alone novel already on my Wattpad.

Life is a spectator’s sport for Anastasia, until one winter night when the glittering lights of the season and the skater’s below her window draw her from her apartment. With a little bit of courage and her mother’s skates, Ana ventures out onto the ice and stumbles straight into Griffin, a boy with stars in his eyes. Little does she know how drastically this stranger is going to change her life forever.

When a date to her favorite cafe ends in her running for her life, Griffin is the only thing standing between her and certain death. Suddenly in the middle of a war for a kingdom she didn’t know existed, Ana learns things about herself she could have never imagined. There’s magic and danger around every corner, and she doesn’t know who to trust or what to think. Can she really be responsible for the fate of an entire continent?

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