May Fan Art Features

Hello, lovelies. Thank you so much for coming to view another of my galleries. It’s a privilege to be able to support artists and share their work here on the blog. In case any of you are wondering how this program works, you can check out the official page here.

This month’s fan art features include a couple of #sixfanarts , some beautiful #mermay pieces, and a few randoms that I just loved. I hope you enjoy, and if you love an artist’s work, don’t forget to go give them a follow or maybe even buy some merch. (I am not affiliated with any of these artists and receive no compensation for sharing their work or links. I’m simply a fan.)

So, without further ado…


27.9 K followers

Bio reads: Be educated


15.8 K followers

Bio reads:  Illustrator, 3D modeler, nerd, and just my awkward, silly self.



373 K followers

Bio reads: Visual Development / Character Design

Patreon / Tee Public / Redbubble / Society 6



773 followers ( Let’s see if we can get her a few more.)

Bio reads: Feel free to send a DM or 

Don’t use my pictures without my permission

(I have permission.)

six fan art by pizza_arti on instagram

Do you know who all of these iconic characters are? Leave the answers in the comments.



Bio reads: Just a guy who LOVES mermaids, toy collecting, and drawing! Legs are boring. 😛

10.6 K followers

Bio reads: PATREON IS HERE!!!! Freelance Illustrator making strange and unusual fan art and dark humor greeting cards at home with her Goblins in the Pacific NW!

Patreon / Society 6


(Yes, again. Lol. I’m a huge fan of her cutest.)

169 K Followers

Bio reads: Freelance illustrator! UK

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