Feb 8. 2019

This week I finally concurred Chapter 7 and began work on Chapter 8, and as of 10:00 PM tonight I’ve reached 24,502 words. The story is really starting to take shape on it’s own and it’s better than I could’ve ever imagined. I’ve even began to consider the possibility of a sequel to Black Magnolias. At this point, I plan to see where the character take me.

I’m also proud to announce that reached 100 followers on Instagram, created my Instagram design, and decided on my publishing method and how I define myself as a author. It seems my brand is coming together. My goals for the rest of the month:

  • 500 Instagram followers,
  • Create my author Facebook page
  • Create my IngramSparks account
  • Most importantly start searching for a graphic designer or artist to design the cover of my book.

So artists: if you’ve read my posts or the first chapter of the book and you’d like to work with me, send me an email with a link to or some examples of your work. Maybe we can make some magic together.

Published by Alexa Messer

I'm a young mother, wife, and writer from Virginia with a passion for fantasy and romance. I'm currently working on my first novel as well as an Etsy shop selling resin bookmarks, jewelry, and more inspired my crystals, books, and botanicals.

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